This Ship Is Our Home. This Ship Is Galicia

Reunida la tripulación en cubierta.
Redoble de tambor.
Nuestro hombre en Ferrol sostiene el Código. Y grita el Artículo :
Articles Of War
art. 13) Every person in the fleet, who though cowardice, negligence, or disaffection, shall forbear to pursue the chase of any enemy, pirate or rebel, beaten or flying; or shall not relieve or assist a known friend in view to the utmost of his power; being convicted of any such offense by the sentence of a court martial, shall suffer death.
Conocemos la sentencia " Llevados al lugar de ejecución allende las puertas de este castillo,y allí donde deja sus marcas la marea seréis colgados por el cuello hasta que hayáis muerto, muerto, muerto "
Zafarrancho de Combate.
Galiza Espera Que Cada Hombre Cumpla Su Deber.

Abril Is The Cruellest Month. JFT96

El 14 de mayo de 2007 amanecí en Sheffield. Era el penúltimo día de mi primer viaje a la Ciudad del Acero. Por esas cosas que tiene la vida , acabé la mañana visitando el campo del Wednesday, ubicado en la zona de Owlerton. Me acompañaba el gran David Alan, impecable en su rol de guía e implacable en su rol de owl acérrimo. Nos acompañaban Marta y Lizzi.
Es un estadio bonito, incluso coqueto, rodeado de árboles, en la ribera del Río Don.
Es un estadio llamado Hillsborough.

On April 15th 1989, over 25,000 Liverpool supporters travelled down to Hillsborough to watch the FA Cup semi-final match with Nottingham Forest. 96 of them lost their lives in the Leppings Lane End 

Cuando Hughie Ferguson Encontró A Trixie.

Now Then Fellas
El próximo 17 de Mayo, el Clwb Pêl-droed Dinas Caerdydd disputará contra el Portsmouth la final número 127 de la FA Cup.
En homenaje al único equipo no inglés que ha ganado el torneo futbolístico más antiguo del mundo, y a mi vagancia, fusilo de BBC Football varias anécdotas acerca del partido que cambió la historia de The Bluebirds para siempre. Ahi va el chorromoco :

" Cardiff City 1 - Arsenal 0
The 1927 FA Cup final celebrated many firsts but the one feat that has not been repeated in the 81 years since is the famous trophy has not left England.
King George V and Britain's two 20th Century war-time prime ministers, David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill, watched Cardiff beat Arsenal in front of 93,000 inside Wembley on 23 April 1927 as a non-English team won what was then called the English Cup for the only time in its 136-year history.
The 1927 showpiece was the first cup final to be broadcast live on BBC Radio and was the final where the FA Cup anthem Abide With Me was sung.
Cardiff City had adopted a black cat, Trixie, as star striker Hughie Ferguson believed she was a good omen.
Ferguson found her wandering astray on the Royal Birkdale golf course as City's players prepared for their fifth-round tie at Bolton Wanderers.
Ferguson called on nearby home-owners and found the cat's owner who agreed to the proposal - as long as he was given two tickets if the club progressed to the Cup final.
A deal was struck and the lucky mascot delivered.
Hughie Ferguson scored a 74th-minute winner as his effort slipped under Arsenal goalkeeper Dan Lewis' body.
The tiny Scotsman became a Cardiff giant when Ferguson scored the most celebrated goal in the club's history but his glorious story ended in tragedy. On 9 January 1930, Hughie Ferguson gassed himself after a training session, aged only 32
Conspiracy theorists believed Welshman Lewis was aiding his fellow countrymen but Lewis blamed his brand new jersey for the error, saying the wool was too greasy for him to grip the ball properly.
Ever since, suspicious Arsenal have washed their goalkeeper shirts prior to every game. "


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Hail the ales¡

Galician Rallying Cry

Men Wanted: For hazardous journey.
Small wages, bitter cold, long days of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful.
Honour and recognition in case of success.