They Col Me The Killer. Forajidos De Leyenda Emboscados En Un Campo De Coles

This is the latest in a series of interviews with legends of the AngloGalician Cup.
I give you Colin “Killer” Whaley, Renaissance Man.

Beer or Lager?
Neither, until recently I was quite partial to a nice crisp cider such as Aspells, but I am now more inclined to explore the mysteries of red wine. I’m only a beginner on this subject, but perhaps my Galician friends could give me some recommendations?

Why do you support Man Utd?
I have supported Manchester United since 1967 when I was ten years old and I started to collect press clippings of the match reports. The first one was a 6-1 beating of West Ham which clinched United the League title. Why Manchester United? I think it was (a) because they were the best team in England at that time (and a lot of kids pick the top teams of the day) and b) they had the holy trinity of Law, Best and Charlton and I quickly became a massive fan of George Best.

What are your 5 favourite movies?
· Zulu
· The Warriors
· Gladiator
· Where eagles dare
· The magnificent seven

What are your 5 favourite books?
· Lord of the rings by Tolkien
· The Iliad by Homer
· Day of the triffids by John Wyndham
· The insult by Rupert Thomsom
· The shipping news by E.Annie Proulx

5 favourite albums?
Shit, you are asking me to choose only five of my kids?
· Teaser and the Fire cat by Cat Stevens. The first album I bought and a constant companion throughout my life
· Ragged Glory by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The perfect Crazy Horse album
· Ramones by The Ramones or any other one from Leave Home and Rocket to Russia.
· Highway to hell by ACDC
· Brothers and sisters by The Allman Brothers Band

What is the future of the Anglogalician Cup
The next stage will be walking football as age catches up with both teams. Then the numbers will decline due to mortality until one player is left from each side and in 2050 they will fight the cup out over a Subbuteo pitch in an old folks home.

Punk or Prog?
Ooh, I do love a good punk track and I saw the Pistols, Clash, Ramones et al back in the day. But these days I’m much more inclined to prog such as Marillion, Big Big Train and Riverside.

When are the Tipsy Kings making a comeback
a) Either when the chattering masses deserve us and need us most or b) if we were made a good offer or c) when we can be arsed.

What was it like being a teenager in England in the 70’s?
Though politically England in the 70s was a depressing and turbulent time, as a teenager you didn’t take much notice (other than the odd power cut). I had a good bunch of mates and knew a lot of people around the town, so I had a lot of fun. I worked as soon as I left school so had money in my pocket so, for me, it was a constant round of pubs, gigs, parties, clubs, festivals and football (sometimes in the same day).

What do you think of England now?
I hate it. The political elite (the main parties) are a continual let down and the rest of the establishment is in thrall to the political elite. The countries infrastructure is decayed. There are too many people for the public services to cope with. The environment is not being looked after. A good deal of the population is rude, selfish or morally reprehensible. The ‘good people’ on which you hope society can build seem to be an ever decreasing number. I’m going to stop, I’m depressing myself!

What are your hobbies apart from drinking beer?
Listening to music. Reading. Cinema going. Singing with the legendary Ten Beers After Brotherhood. Jigsaws. Researching my family tree. Park running.

When are your daughters coming to visit Pontevedra?
a) Either when the chattering masses deserve them and need them most or b) if they were made a good offer or c) when they can be arsed.

What do you think of Pontevedra/Galicia?
I absolutely love it. The last time I was there, I sat in the town centre amazed at the amount of people; couples and families just strolling around in the sunshine. They were smiling, wore colourful clothes and just seemed so relaxed. You wouldn’t get that in Sheffield. I’d like to see more of Galicia and would be interested in any good hikes if anybody can suggest any.

Should Porcos have been given 3-0 win because of Stags no show in the XV?
Absolutely not – it’s a fake result. We should be recording actual scores not just making them up. Ridiculous!

Gog and the Telepathic Hyenas/Broke Lord, Pantano or Flip Chorale and Los Macabros?
All of them!! They are all legends along with Oscar Avendaño

Just in this day:Brexit or No Brexit?
No Brexit – but, to be honest I’m almost past caring I’m so fed up with hearing about it

Barcelona, Real Madrid or Celta Vigo?
Celta Vigo of course, they are the only team whose flag I have on the chair in my music room!

Best pub in Sheffield
I would have to go with tradition and pick The Fat Cat and also give a special mention to my current watering hole The Church House where we rehearse and meet for a regular social.

Best pub in England
Hmm. Tough one, but I’ll choose the Tan Hill Inn in Swaledale. This is the highest pub in Great Britain and the scene of a number of lengthy beer drinking session over the years. It’s also on the Pennine Way which I am proud to say I walked back in the 80s

Will Stags win next round in October?
Do bears shit in the woods!