Comunicamos a todolos usuarios que a publicacion de comentarios esta aberta a calquer visitante, agora todos podedes opinar, e deixar mostras das boas e inxeniosas mentes que posuides.

Since this moment everyone could write comentaries in this blog, I hope you enjoy. See you in sheffield.
Hail the ales¡

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  1. Jean Paulhan dixo...
  2. Jean Paulhan escribió en 2009 que un joven deseoso de orientarse futbolísticamente no tenía más posible elección que entre Os Porcos Bravos e os Sheffield Stags.

  3. Diótima dixo...
  4. ¿Este es el buzón de voz de quejas? Otra de las mejores entradas que supera a aquella de "Cae la noche sobre Beluso, y sin embargo no llueve" Esto ¿para cuando una entrevista de verdad?

  5. John Benjamin Toshack dixo...
  6. No comment.
    Ingenioso,¿no crees?

  7. Elmer Gruñón Egghead Fuck dixo...
  8. Trying to get a break as a song writer I find out where Harry Nilsson lives and bring him a box of reel-to-reel tapes of my original songs. He threatens to kill me if I ever come to his house again.

    Not funny then, funny now.

    While working at Marvel Animation I'm told I don't have what it takes to write for the Muppet Babies. Sadly, it's true.

    Not funny then, funny now.

    Write French Kissin' in the USA which is covered by Debbie Harry and released as the first single for her debut solo album. It effectively ends her solo career.

    Not funny then, funny now.

    Co-write theme song for new animated series called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The show is a massive international success. The music publisher tells my partner and I that we will not be paid music royalties for the millions of video games and video cassettes being sold. The reason we are given is that they'd rather not pay us.

    Not funny then, still not funny.

  9. Elmer Gruñón Egghead Fuck dixo...
  10. More of

    "Not Funny Then"

    I decide getting on staff at Roseanne would be a great opportunity for me, even though every writer who had ever worked on the show had been fired. Four weeks into the job I deliver my first script and I'm almost fired.

    Not funny then, funny now.

    I create Grace Under Fire, realize what I'm in for and try to quit after pilot is picked up to series. I try to quit again during Christmas. A few weeks later the Northridge earthquake hits. During a large aftershock I drop to my knees and pray for the sound stage to collapse and kill me.

    Not funny then, funny now.

    I think developing a new series starring Cybill Shepherd is a swell idea. The show is an instant hit. Cybill wants me to fire Lee Aronsohn because he's a misogynist. She's not wrong, but I jokingly tell her, "Why do you care? You're not a woman." She fires us both. I get the call not to come back to work on Yom Kippur from a Carsey-Werner exec named Dirk Van De Bunt.

    Not funny then, still not funny.

  11. Elmer Gruñón Egghead Fuck dixo...
  12. The quantum physics joke Penny tells the guys in tonight's episode was told to us by Nobel award-winning physicist, Dr. George Smoot. Penny tells it in about twenty seconds. Dr. Smoot's version probably took about three minutes, although it felt a lot longer. No one had the heart to tell him to get to the punch line, proving my hypothesis that in addition to time slowing down as you accelerate, it also grinds to a halt when you're being courteous to a genius.

  13. Elmer Gruñón Egghead Fuck dixo...
  14. I believe that Newton's first law of motion is the reason we will emerge from our current economic woes. That law states that an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. How does that relate to the financial #$%*storm we're now cowering under? Allow me to explain. There are slightly less than seven billion people on this planet. Assuming that roughly half that number are either too young, too old, too lazy, or too loaded to work, that still leaves almost three and a half billion people getting up in the morning to chase the almighty dollar, the transcendent rupee, the zen yen,the dear ol' euro, the what's goin' on yuan, the... well, you get the idea. Now, call me crazy (and many have called me far worse), but I happen to think that three and a half billion motivated people is one big damn object in motion. And the only thing acting against that object is the friction caused by a small bunch of greedy, dumbass, screw-the-pooch, Ivy League pot stickers (the unbalanced force). I therefore assert that the unbalanced force (you know who you are, shame on you), will eventually be overwhelmed by the object in motion (three and a half billion people with pluck, aka pluckers), thus allowing the object in motion to continue its relentless journey forward, thriving and conniving until it is once again slowed down by other unbalanced forces, or a very large meteorite. Or a plague. Or fundamentalists with nukes. Or atmosphere-eating nanobots. Or a super volcano. Or Skynet. Or Cylons.

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